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Mars Habitat Model


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Please let me know if you find a problem while building this model, or if you enjoyed building it as much as I enjoyed designing it. A photo of your build would also be welcome. You can send me e-mail here:

This model represents the experimental Mars habitats constructed and manned by the Mars Society; it contains elements from both of the existing habitats, but is not meant to be an exact-scale model of either.

The model stands just over 3 inches (76 mm) tall at the top of the dome at approximately 1/110 scale; the base is 7-1/2 inches (190 mm) in diameter. Two different antennae, two porches, and a Mars Society flag are included in order to allow the builder to more accurately represent either the MDRS or FMARS habitats.


Model parts and instructions (864 Kb)

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