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Flying Saucer Model


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Please let me know if you find a problem while building this model, or if you enjoyed building it as much as I enjoyed designing it. A photo of your build would also be welcome. You can send me e-mail here:

This is one of the flying saucers from the movie, "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers." Scale is approximately 1/500, with the finished model about 2 inches in diameter. An alternate display stand, shown in the second photo, is available as a separate download (parts are also included to build the alternate display stand without the saucer for those interested in historic American structures).

A larger version of just the saucer is also available, but it has not been test-built. Some additional internal structure may be needed.

Aerial view Dinky!

Flying Saucer (104 Kb) Assembly Instructions (4 Kb)
Larger (1/167 scale) Version - Saucer Only (191 Kb)

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